View Full Version : Symbian Possible Solution Studio "loss" Organization And Photos Capture Preview Photos

27-04-2009, 05:18 PM
Rather than a true hacking, is a proposal for collaboration with users more smaliziato.

It 'happened to more people, users of N96 or N78 etc, of losing the organization of your photo in "Acquired" or "Photo".
Unfortunately, this occurs when a formatting ago, why you delete the file C: \space \ aspadatastoragedbms.db
That contains within it the organization of that application.
To restore an initial situation, namely the display of individual pictures organize for months, yet I do not know how we can work on because it appears inaccessible (some process keeps it in use but I can not find which one)

Another problem is the "superposition" of several previews in the gallery, for example, we repeated the same for different images previews.

One possible solution to this, you delete the file that contains all the thumbnails stored in E: \ private \ 101FFC31 \ glxmdstn hoping re-create it without that problem ...

To delete it simply connect the MEMORYCARD to PC, or via Hack capsoff with access to the folder, kill the process mpxplaybackserver.exe

I hope for your cooperation in resolving these problems!
BY nokiomane