View Full Version : Patch : Disable Charger Connecting Notes By Wadowice

Maherun Nesa Irin
04-27-2009, 05:11 PM
Patch: Disable Charger Notes by wadowice

*** Patch: Disable Charger Notes ***
; Author: wadowice
; Date: 18-Apr-09
; Disable notes shown when you:
; -connect the battery charger
; -disconnect the battery charger
; -battery is full
; Why to do it? Because the light and the beep wakes me at night.
; For N78
;SnR:sys\bin\sysap.exe:F8BDF8B504008034:F8BDF8B504 00F8BD
; For N81
;SnR:sys\bin\sysap.exe:70B5040080340500:70B5040070 BD0500
; For N82
;SnR:sys\bin\sysap.exe:70BD70B504008034:70BD70B504 0070BD
; For N90
;SnR:sys\bin\sysap.exe:70BD70B504468034:70BD70B504 4670BD
; For others
;SnR:sys\bin\sysap.exe:70B5044680340129:70B5044670 BD0129
; For N95
; not possible because SysAp.exe not in ROM
; For N96, N78, 5800
SnR:sys\bin\sysap.exe:F8B5040080340600:F8B50400F8B D0600