View Full Version : [ExClUsIvE] Camera FX v1.0.1 iPhone IPPDA

15-11-2009, 11:49 AM

From the makers of the powerful
48-bit art and photograph editor
TwilightBrush comes Camera FX
BlackBox. We took the best
filtering tool from TwilightBrush
to create a unique and powerful
camera filter app.

Introducing the photographic
filter black box with thousands
of camera effects! Camera FX
BlackBox turns boring photos
into beautiful works of art.
Take a picture or open a photo
and Camera FX will start running
limitless color filters based on
hue, saturation, color channels,
and more - ever changing based
on the accelerometer on the
phone. Rotate the phone and
Camera FX will apply new and
different filters. Or just sit
back and watch the show until
you find a look for your photo
that you like, then pause and
save to add it to your photo