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24-06-2011, 08:19 AM
Pocket Ants (Ad-free) v1.0.6
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: You have the powers of a god! Raise the waters, call the winds, bring the fire. You control the lives of all those ants. Whatever your desire, it is so.
Unlimited Power

You are king of the ants: feeding, squishing, burning, marching, exploding, fighting, moving, racing, and zapping your ants. Should the ants live in peaceful coexistence or battle to the death? Maybe burn them with a magnifying glass, make them race for food, or blow them away with a land mine?

With Pocket Ants, the choice is yours. Choose a weapon from the rack at the bottom of the screen, and start picking off ants one by one with the magnifying glass, in great swaths with the flamethrower, or in many other different ways. Get creative and combine weapons. There are also boons, like food, and other actions, like adding new ant hills. Many of the actions have race options where you pit black ant against red ant and see who wins. The real fun comes from trying different options together. And the ants don't just wait pateintly on your whim. They have lives: they push away the rocks you threw at them, finish off scraps of food, build their ant hills, and chase off or attack invading ants.

There are so many options in this game: electrocute and drown the ants with a storm, collect and move the ants with the ant magnet, blow the ants into your traps with the fan, feed the ants strawberries and watermelon, zap the ants with a laser, torch the ants with a flame thrower, blow up the ants with a firecracker, burn the ants with the magnifying glass, blow up the ants with ant mines, drop rocks on ants, have the ants move their home, draw a path for the ants to follow, race the ants, add more ants or take some away, set red and black ant aggressiveness, set percentage of black and red ants, and more.

Share with your friends over Facebook and Twitter. And don't worry, the app keeps a tally of the ants you kill. So you don't have to.

Some things just never get old--like being a god.

Product Features

Rule the ants the way you see fit!
Play with tons of both friendly and violent options
Be a good god or a bad one--or both

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