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17-11-2009, 12:29 PM


Their mission: to use force to overthrow the evil Galactic Empire in an attempt to destroy the rebel base in the small jungle moon of Yavin 4. As part of the Rebel Alliance Red Squadron, which dogfight with TIE fighters above the surface of the Death Star before heading into a ditch in which they are inundated with cannon fire. Dodge obstacles and keep out of Darth Vaders attractions while trying to gun down before having the chance to fire his proton torpedoes into the thermal exhaust port size of a womp rat. If successful, a direct hit will cause a chain reaction that destroys the Death Star, saving the rebel base of imminent destruction.

Star Wars Trench Run features:

Power Force - Slow down time and increase your agility by using force to Tie Fighters in the shooting range and to avoid obstacles during flight by the trench.

Experience in breathtaking 3D - incredible 3D graphics based on the original Star Wars movie.

Hidden Features - You are just going to have to learn for himself what they are.

Amazing special effects - such as lighting, advanced shaders, incredible explosions and life as models.

Original music and sound effects - combined with images of the actual movie complete immersion in the Star Wars universe.

True-Life Flight - Accelerometer controls with life-like physics.

Addicting Game Play - Ever increasing challenges and tons of replay value.

Multiple points of view - With two camera modes of persecution and cabin.

Mission Mode - With script, music and dialogue from the original Star Wars movie.

Arcade Mode - To return to greater playability, includes both implementation and Trench Fighting Dog

Multiple levels of difficulty - from easy to Jedi.

Optimized Gaming Experience - To work on 3G, with special graphics features for the 3GS, iPod Touch 2nd Gen and future devices.

Leaders - Compete against others around the world for first place. Find out who are the true Jedi!

Cracker: Team IDMath

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