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19-11-2009, 01:54 AM

EDEN is a cute action puzzle game.

To fulfill God's prophecy, EDEN has been tasked with finding all the lost "Fruits of Knowledge" and bringing them back to God's garden.

Guide her by rotating the world using your finger. Protect her from Dangerous Creatures and Killer Plants. Lead her across Warp Gates and through Trap Doors so that she can find her way safely and return to the garden of EDEN!

- 40 challenging stages split into 5 different areas.
- Each area has a different set of puzzle elements.
- Warp Gates, Killer Plants, Trap Doors and more!
- Simple controls. Playable with one hand.
- Beautiful photography of Ruins and cute graphics.

Behind the good looks, is a challenging and serious puzzle that will test your logic and brain stamina. This is not just a mindless game and will require some thinking. Enjoy!