Droid Explorer (Desktop Android Manager)

Device Requirements
- Rooted Android Device with busybox

PC Requirements
- Windows (looking for a developer to help create UI for mono) visit http://de.codeplex.com/
- .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
- Some plugins require Java Runtime Environment and Java Web Start

- Multiple Device Support
- Copy and auto-apply update.zip
- Copy local files to device
- Auto detection of connected/disconnected device
- APK file icon and extended information
- Device command shell window
- Reboot device
- Reboot device in to recovery mode
- Open files for viewing / execution locally with the default file type executable
- Drag & Drop file copy from Explorer
- Flash Recovery Image
- Package Manager (Install & Uninstall)
- No need to mount SD card to access files from computer
- Access files in other directories besides SD card
- Copy files from device to local clipboard
- Paste files from local clipboard to device
- Open files on local machine
- Display open with dialog to specify what to open a file with
- Right click APK and Install/Uninstall
- Delete files from device
- Take a Screen Shot (landscape or portrait)
- Plugins can register as a component to open files
- Open from within Computer
- Should now work with more ROMs as long as they are Rooted and have busybox
- Device "Friendly Name" instead of device serial number.
- Android Screencast Plugin - Control your android device with your mouse and keyboard
- Install/Uninstall APK files right from explorer
- Standalone plugin runner (will mainly be used for windows 7 jump lists and the apk installer but can be used to run any plugin.
- Better Hero Support
- Backup the "Google Experience" applications and creates an update.zip containing the applications
- Use an existing Android SDK with Droid Explorer, or let Droid Explorer set up the SDK for you.

Droid Explorer for PC x86

Droid Explorer for PC x64