Hello, folks!
I just got my N8 yesterday.
First off, I am total noob/beginner/embryo in terms of mobile/smartphone software. I know my way around W-indoze and Linux and can do pretty much everything I want there.
So, now I'd like to get more into mobile software field. I've chosen Symbian because it is open enough for sufficient changes and mods, and I really like it as an operating system, because it is mature and stable.
So, these are my wishes:

-I would like to get to know how to correctly and (if possible ) painfully install CFW(s) on my N8, and cracked/modded apps

-eventually (when I get there!) I'd hopefully like to make my own, custom "distro" of, lets say, Belle for N8- so, basically gain skills to "cook" and make CFW

-BUT, FIRST(!): I need to learn basics, such as how to install downloaded app (not ones from Ovi store, but those from websites like this one). You know, where to put sys, how to put it there, etc.

So, all you guys, who are gurus in this field, please tell me:

-what are the best forums and lounges for discussion on Symbian modding and hacks
-how can I avoid to follow bad advice and where are the best and most correct tutorials and guides? who are the best authors of CFWs (Ivo and others)
-which programming software I need to learn how to use- Qt is often mentioned there, what should I get my hands dirty first with?

Many thanks and kudos to all of you guys!