ProfundityClean v10.0(0) S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOs9.x Eng translated by Shankru

Software Name:Pft-Clean
Software version:10.0(0)
Software Authors: L-JH
English translator: Shankru

Software Description:

The software requires PY platform, if it can not run, suggesting that incomplete PY platform, please download the latest version of the PY platformFull depth of the software is currently able to clean up the system, software, various temporary, cache, more than 200 conventional and other garbage.Open access, better start cleaning immediately
Main functions:
Regular refuse removal (the basic garbage, rubbish optional custom clearance, system.ini file, RescoViewer image cache, empty the D drive), transport, storage compression, black and white list function, the programopens automatically clean up, clean up automatically exit, empty file folder clean-up, clean up the file size of 0 bytes, the file any name (folder) super search cleaning, unloading residual clean-up, clean up the specified path, specify the size of the clean-up.
Test models: 6120C, 6220C, N85, N865 version of the self-test Phone

whats New?
optimization, some bugs fixed , the strengthening of the database , increasing the residual distance (main function), add the background auto-scan ; improved Black and White lists.