Pandemica 1 1-hailua

Pandemica is an intense, augmented reality, arcade-style shooter. There are 3 single-player game modes (Mission, Endless, and Time Attack) and two multiplayer modes (maximizing either points or cooperating on defence against the alien virus).

Pandemica transforms your device into a sub-field bio-scanner that can see the invisible alien organisms that are all around you. Your mission is to eliminate the enemy before they get you -- and you get the goo. Unlock weapons such as missiles, BEP (Bio-Electric Pulse), and the BFB (Boson Field Bomb) to complement your trusty standard-issue laser.

? Amazing augmented reality gameplay that blends the Pandemica game world with the real world around you
? Slick, rich looking graphics that create an amazing, immersive gaming experience
? Multiplayer mode is playable over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
? Leaderboard to track highest single player or team scores

? iPhone 3GS with OS 3.1 for compass-driven augmented reality
? Fast fingers to blast away the alien organisms
? Strong stomach (the goo can be gross)

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