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Thread: ChromeMarks 2012.01.12.ap

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    ChromeMarks 2012.01.12.ap

    ChromeMarks 2012.01.12.ap
    Requirements: Android v2.1+
    Overview: The ONLY Android app to give you native access to all your Google Chrome Bookmarks.

    The ONLY Android app to give you native access to all your Google Chrome Bookmarks.

    ✔ Bookmarks and Folders are synced to this app on your phone and then kept in sync with your Chrome browser(s). Choose to automatically sync or manually sync.

    ✔ Create, edit, delete and launch bookmarks/folders.

    ✔ Changes made on your phone are instantly visible in all your desktop Chrome Browser(s).

    ✔ Changes made in Chrome are visible in this app seconds later, once you perform a sync.

    ✔ Access your Chrome bookmarks quickly via this app or long press the search button (if your device has one).

    ✔ Decrypts all Chrome encrypted bookmarks using your Chrome password or passphrase. Chrome clearly explains that this is the only way to decrypt them).

    ✔ Create desktop shortcuts to your bookmarks or folders.

    ✔ Replace or update any missing Chrome bookmark icons and see the new icon seconds later in your desktop browser.

    ✔ Sync your Stock Android browser (* see below) bookmarks to a folder visible and fully update-able in your desktop Chrome browser. Automatically two-way sync these bookmarks!

    ✔ One-way integration with Stock Android Browser Bookmark Manager (* see below). You can use any Market Bookmarks widget to view your Chrome bookmarks.

    ✔ Search your Chrome bookmarks and folders from the app or via the Google Search Widget.

    ✔ All your bookmarks and folders are stored on your phone and accessible off-line.

    ✔ Communicates with Google the exact same way as Chrome - *no* additional software such as Chrome extensions or any third parties such as Google Apps and no access to Google Docs required.

    ✔ Authenticates using your phone's credentials so is guaranteed secure by Google - can *only* access your Chrome bookmarks.

    (*) SAMSUNG users
    Your browser is likely not *stock* android - the browser integration function may or may not work for you, but the Chrome bookmark sync is unaffected. Only affects Samsung devices - all other devices are unaffected. To check, try the Lite app and go into the menu, settings, upgrade options to test your compatibility. Everything else works fine, though!

    (*) HONEYCOMB and ICS users
    Google removed this facility in your browser so I can't integrate or sync your local Browser's bookmarks. Until Google FULLY release source code for Honeycomb and ICS, I can't get this to work for you. Please trust me, I've tried!

    ALL of these browsers are closed appa and will not allow my app to amend their bookmarks. There is literally nothing I can do - please mail the developers of those Browsers and ask them to open their apps up so other apps can integrate bookmarks. NOTE: Only the Stock Android Browser allows other apps to amend it's bookmarks - I've never found another Browser on the Android Market that will allow another app to touch it's bookmarks. Complain to them, not me, they are the only ones that can fix this!

    (*) If in doubt, simply install the free "Lite" app and go into the menu, settings, upgrade options to test your compatibility.

    Now includes French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Finnish translations.

    REMINDER: If you have a problem or issues, PLEASE mail me! A one star comment on the Market isn't enough to motivate me or provide the details required to fix it. If no-one ever bothers to mail me with bug reports, how do I find out about the bugs..?

    MISSING BOOKMARKS? DUPLICATES? Please ensure you have enabled sync in Chrome - it's not turned on by default! Otherwise, missing bookmarks are *ALWAYS* due to a bug in Chrome and have *NEVER* been due to an error in this app. Please read the in-app "Help" to explain how to fix the bug in Chrome and sync correct bookmarks to Google and this app. Or mail me and I'll happily help.

    Recent changes:
    NEW Added a Quick Start Tutorial page just for new users.
    BUGFIX Fixed bugs with the OAuth2 and Google authenticators.
    MAINT Changed Help pages to point to my help website.
    MAINT Upgraded Android Support library.
    MAINT Improved the look of bookmark icons.
    MAINT New choose icon dialog looks better on higher dpi devices.
    MAINT Added more icons for other resolutions.

    REMINDER App is also available with PayPal in all countries at
    Less description ?

    Latest version: 2012.01.12.ap (for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)

    More Info:
    Download Instructions:


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    Re: ChromeMarks 2012.01.12.ap

    Not working on my DesireHD... says "can't find sync server"... the Lite version from the market works, though... Any ideas...?

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    Re: ChromeMarks 2012.01.12.ap

    Not working like usual...


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