Tong Ren Shakesms v1.04(24676) for N95{8GB} N82 N96 N85 E66 5800 unsigned

Main Functionality(V1.00 Beta):
SensorTimerout : 30, 60, 90, 120 (seconds) ---- To save Battery
Sensitivity: Slider Level 1-10 ---- more control over how hard you have to shake
ShakeNewSMS: View&Unlock, ViewOnly ---- When New SMS is In
Extended Functionality: Yes, No (See below) ---- More control over the SMS
AutoStart: No, Yes, Yes&Hide ---- Start the Application automatically

Scenario: when you receive a short message.
1, Normally without ShakeSMS:
you need to unlock the phone first, then read the message, after replying, lock the phone again.
2, With ShakeSMS:
just shake your phone, you can read the sms;
Action ------ How to remember
Lean Left -- Leave (delete) SMS
Lean Right -- Write (Reply SMS)
Lean Up -- Up to the SMS Folder In
Lean Down -- Done (Back to Previous Screen and Lock keypad)
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<a href="" target="_blank">Download Here For Free</a>
<a href="" target="_blank">Download Here For Free</a>