Knight's Odyssey 1.0 iPhone and iPod touch-AN


The forces of evil have invaded what was once a peaceful kingdom. You, valiant knight, are all that stands between these godless malefactors and your kingdom's people. Hack your way through the sinister traps that have been set out to stop you, and defeat the formidable monsters which await you at the end of every battle. The might of magic is on your side, use it wisely...



-Fantastic graphics that transport you to a time in the past.
-Legions of abominable forces, waiting to assail you with an array of deadly attacks.
-Upgradeable skill system with magical spells.
-A rousing musical score sure to galvanize your spirit.
-Realistic sound effects that let you feel every bludgeon and every blow.


New in this version
Languages English
Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.