Swipe Safari 1.0-8

The latest and updated Swipe Safari 1.0-8 hits the Cydia store with few changes. Swipe Safari 1.0-8 has the two new option as well full screen at startup and option for HUD showing. Now from this new release, there is no need to restart safari after refreshing license. Swipe Safari 1.0-6 for iOS 5 is the jailbreak tweak which is revealed by deVbug.
Swipe Safari 1.0-8 is wonderful tweak which gives an easy way to navigate to previous or next page like Mac OS X Lion 10.7′s Safari. If you want to navigate previous page then only one finger do the same thing for you. If you want to customize Swipe Safari then get help from settings app. Swipe Safari v1.0-8 is compatible for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad that requires iOS 5 or newer.

Swipe Safari 1.0-8 Features

* Previous/next page navigation by one finger webpage dragging
* Work with screen pulling all direction like PullToRefresh
* Remove limit of tab count
* Work with gesture
- Swipe (two fingers)
- Swipe (three fingers)
- Double tap, triple Tap (One finger)
- Double tap (Two fingers)
- Pinch (Two fingers)
- Tap/double tap + long press (One finger)
* Fullscreen
* Add Recently closed tabs feature on iPhone/iPod touch
Swipe Safari v1.0-8 Changes

  • Fix cancelation threshold for one tap and long press gesture is 0
  • No more need to restart safari after refreshing license
  • Add fullscreen at startup
  • Add option for HUD showing