Touch Balance v1.2.6 S60 3rd-5th Unsigned Freeware [Updated 23.12.09]

Key features:

? Auto-request of balance condition after calls, SMS / MMS, Internet connection;
? Auto-request of balance condition on the timer or at specified time;
? Request of balance condition using icon in main menu;
? Autostart option;
? Configurable number of USSD-request;
? Compatibility with Handy Shell;
? Showing balance in separate window, without using Active standby mode;
? Trick bypass hangs Green button;
? Support different profiles for SIM-cards;
? Requests history in CSV format;
? Counting costs for the current day;
? Ability to work with two different USSD-numbers.

What's new:

? Fixed crash at boot time;
? Configurable delay before windows redraw;
? Added delimiter before daily counts;
? Rebuilt get balance module for better stability.

[NOTES]: Сheck all settings after installation this version - ini-file format has been changed!
This app doesn't work on Samsung smartphones!

Main package
TouchBalance1_v1.2.6.rar (135.5 KB)

Add-on for second output

TouchBalance2_v1.2.6.rar (89.6 KB)