A bright fire broke out again on the altar of the idols of the tower. The next victim is caught in a network of its own greed, in search of cursed gold. And it is not so bad that the ship is destroyed, and before you for miles around impenetrable jungle. In the end, the golden city beckon, and wait for the brave men. Just not everyone can experience the taste of victory.
Enjoy the famous game in the new, colorful design. It's simple. From the vortex in the middle of the sky falling idols, three in number and different colors. Collect the idols of the same color in blocks of three to remove them. Diagonally or horizontally, it does not matter. The main thing you need to prevent the construction of the tower. Look for the gold blocks to allow access to specific levels. Get the rewards and so much gold as you can.

In addition:
Requires firmware above 3.0
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Language: English, Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish

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