Spider Rider v1.0.1
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: "Bats, they stole my land...they stole my love! But I will free my
love, take back my land and make these bats wish they had never
been born. They don't know what they've messed with!" -One Angry

Play an adventure unlike any you've ever seen anywhere before.
Loaded with originality, style and a whimsical charm, SPIDER RIDER
takes you on a strange and challenging adventure and all for a
noble cause?freeing your love and reclaiming your land!
In SPIDER RIDER, you play as the SPIDER. You will go head to
head (totally outnumbered) against determined waves of invading
Will it be easy? Of course not! You'll be faced with talking mutant
bats that taunt you, experience bizarre and instantly changing
weather, nearly impenetrable walls, electric barriers and a range of
other challenges that only you can overcome! With SPIDER RIDER,
This is far more than a game; it is an immersive and engaging
fantasy and adventure experience! But be warned, once you've picked up
SPIDER RIDER you won't be able to put it down, as this is one
seriously addictive and unpredictable journey. So where do you
begin? Crush your first mutant bat today!
How challenging and engaging is SPIDER RIDER? We know
you're going to be hooked for hours and here is why:
The 3 Key Reasons You'll Be Hooked on SPIDER RIDER
-100 challenging and varied levels
-Cool power-ups
-In-game shops allow you to spend your hard earned "SPIDER
CASH" and infuse SPIDER with new skills, abilities and useful gadget
to fight the invading mutant bat hordes (at no extra real world costs.)
Don't wait? Start fighting back the waves and waves of mutant bats
that picked a fight with the wrong SPIDER on the wrong day! He
needs your help so get in there and show those bats who is boss.

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