Lamebo VS Zombies, it's fast and furious zombie akshen in which you control the mutated lamb named Lamebo and defend against a variety of strange zombie creatures such as poluuplotnennye crawling zombie, zombie chickens that lay eggs are poisonous, zombie ninja, rabbits and an explosive barrel who drop out of the zombie bears!
Since Lamebo progresses in the game, you have to face a terrible zombie and more challenging project level. Good thing, there is a healthy arsenal of powerful weapons at hand to blow up the zombies in the countless number of islands. It is not enough firepower? No problem, because each weapon can be upgraded many times!
In the new version:
- Fixed bugs
- Reduced loading time applications
- Optimized for size

In addition:
Requires firmware lower than 4.3 do not
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Language: English

Links for download: