Learn German Widget v1.0
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Learn German the easy way!

Do you want to learn a new language but you haven`t got the time? Here?s a simple and quick solution. Turn your spare seconds while waiting for the bus or in a queue into knowledge.

Whenever you have a second to spare, just take a look on your home screen. The widget will always show five commonly used verbs in English and German language. When you?re comfortable to change the current set, simply press the refresh button and five new verbs will pop up. The widget uses a set of 1000 most common English and German verbs/words. The number of the verbs is limited because it?s much easier to remember a verb if you see it periodically.

This widget requires no configuration, no internet connection, and no permissions.

If you want a simple but powerful widget, that will help you increase your German\English vocabulary on a daily basis, than give it a try!

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