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Thread: [18+] Dirty Jack TV Sex Adventures Anthology (RU) J2ME [by Witchcraft Studios]

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    full [18+] Dirty Jack TV Sex Adventures Anthology (RU) J2ME [by Witchcraft Studios]

    Dirty Jack TV Sex Adventures Anthology J2ME

    [by Witchcraft Studios]

    Collection of erotic java games on lovelase and conquers the hearts of ladies ' Dirty Jack.

    The complete adventures of the hero-pikapera.
    Jack luzeru will help anyone get into bed the charming girl-for dirty Jack is a piece of cake.
    Collection of games dirty Jack-the erotic adventures of will give you a lot of fun.
    See for yourself and find out how much of a Dirty Jack you are!

    In the archives of erotic java games Dirty Jack collected the following series:

    Dirty Jack - Twin Chicks
    Dirty Jack - Swingers Party
    Dirty Jack - Sexercise
    Dirty Jack - Sex-Ray
    Dirty Jack - Sex Station
    Dirty Jack - Sex Pill
    Dirty Jack - Sex Lift
    Dirty Jack - Nude Beach
    Dirty Jack - Body Search
    Dirty Jack - Sex games
    Dirty Jack - Snow job
    Dirty Jack - Sex camp
    Dirty Jack - Sex and fashion
    Dirty Jack - Henparty
    Dirty Jack - Sex highway
    Dirty Jack - Bystroe svidanie
    Dirty Jack - Sexshow
    Dirty Jack - King of porn
    Dirty Jack - Sex sauna
    Dirty Jack - Sex shop
    Dirty Jack - Sex on a plane
    Dirty Jack - Sex Cruise
    Dirty Jack - Mokraya Futbolka
    Dirty Jack - Intimnye Laski
    Dirty Jack - Seks dosmotr
    Dirty Jack - Campus sex
    Dirty Jack - King of porn 2
    Dirty Jack - Sex in the city
    Dirty Jack - Sex sauna 2
    Dirty Jack - Sex tourist
    Dirty Jack - Sexy amateur.

    Language: Russion.

    Screen sizes: 128x128, 128x160, 132x176, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320

    Warning: This download contains mature content.
    You must be at least 18 years of age in order to download this item.

    Download Instructions:
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    Re: [18+] Dirty Jack TV Sex Adventures Anthology (RU) J2ME [by Witchcraft Studios]

    I remember playing this game on my pc years ago. It was called Jake's booty call. If this runs on cellphone, it's be Awesome.


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