Calcuphone v1.2 J2ME cracked N0ePDA

Calcuphone a Java J2ME Application developed by Daniel Lissner ?stlund, Sweden. It is designed to run on mobile phones, and requires MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.0. The program is no larger than 70kb, and therefor will fit on almost all mobile phones.

Calcuphone supports all functions a proffessional calculator should have:

* Operators: +, -, *, /, ^, %.
* Functions: Sqrt, Cos, Tan, ArcSin, Ln, Random number, and more.
* Scientific calculation: Write for example: 5^(2+3)/5.
* Variable Storage: Save any answer to X, Y and Z, or use any previous answer.
* Predefined constants: Pi, e, Light Speed, Planck Constant and many more.
* Re-use expressions: Select any previous expression from a list.
* Create functions: For example, put Y1(X)=4X and calculate Y1(3).
* Parenthasis-Matching: The current and matching parenthasis are green, all unmatched parenthasisis are red.
* Integral Calculation: Integrate any function for any intervall with.
* Derivative Calculation: Calculate the derivative of any function for any X-value.

The Graph

Calcuphone has an unique interactiv 2D-Graph/Plotter. With it you can do following:

* View any function: Explore the curve for any function.
* Smooth Zooming: Zoom in or out the graph with you mobiles arrow-keys UP/DOWN. No limits!
* Cursor navigation: Move the cursor on the curve with arrowkeys RIGHT/LEFT and see the functions X&Y values. Else, use Insert X to go to X-value on the curve.
* "Camera" navigation: Move the graph-camera to explore other parts of the graph. Center camera on cursor at any time with KEY-5.
* Dual Curves: View the curves of two diffrent functions at the same time.
* Find Y: Enter a Y-value and autmaticly navigate to the nearest curve-coordinate with this Y-Value. Good for finding null points or solving equations.
* Equation solver: Find the nearest Y1=Y2 coordinate!
* Show Derivative: Se the current derivative for the current cursor-position. You can also choose to show the tangent.
* Use the cursor-values: Get the cursors current X-, X- or derivative value and use it in the calculator.

Automatic Saving

When you restart Calcuphone you will be exactly whre you left off: Variables, expressions or settings will not change!

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