Sharks Treasure v1.2 iPhone and iPod Touch

4 difficulty settings
In depth tutorial to have you piloting like a sea captain in no time
110 challenging levels
You can select any level at any time,each level is re-playable so you can get the highest score ,then send online
difference in enemies,subs,treasures and environments as you progressed.
Special challenge mode with ranking system. in this mode,you only have one life to go through 5 random levels
Original soundtrack

* Use the accelerometer to control the submarine through the vast deep blue
* Collect as many treasures as possible
* Avoid sharks and obstacles or your armor will be depleted.
* If your submarine gets caught in the cables, touch anywhere on the screen or shake the device to help loosen the siege.
* Post the highest score by completing each level in the fastest amount of time while taking the least damage.