Go diamond hunting! In each level, find the strategy to reverse the turn and release the diamond. Cassez, tilt switch and more than 10 types of blocks, each with a unique dynamic. Up to 190 puzzles await you, and mini-games and collectibles successes!

diamondtumble_en_de_fr_it_es_pt_el_3250 : http://ul.to/ibfvlg
diamondtumble_en_de_fr_it_es_pt_el_n73 :   http://ul.to/b4sewq
diamondtumble_en_de_fr_it_es_pt_el_n80 :   http://ul.to/0bkzoh
diamondtumble_en_de_fr_it_es_pt_el_n82 :   http://ul.to/5t281z
diamondtumble_en_de_fr_it_es_pt_el_e71 :   http://ul.to/wg861y