Inclinometer for Nokia 5800
Inclinometer for Nokia 5800(English only version & unsigned, grphics by [email protected] )

Same as the N95 version, except made with the new Sensor Framework API introduced for 5th edition S60 devices. Made with 5th edition SDK and tested only with Nokia 5800 device

Might also work with E66 as well as 3rd ed FP2 devices with rotation sensors (6210 Navigator, N96 etc.)

Download the file, and go to Symbian signed. And remember that you'll need to mark following capability:
- ReadDeviceData
Inclinometer for Nokia N95

Inclinometer for Nokia N95 version 1.00(signed adtronic version)

The version above is symbian signed so you can install it without any additional steps, it is also powered by adtronic, thus you need to enable adtronic before you can utilize it. If you prefer not to use adtronic, then you can take the self-signed version below.

Inclinometer for Nokia N95(English only version, grphics by [email protected] )

Inclinometer for Nokia N95, for compatible devices, please check Forum Nokia Wiki page for Nokia accelerometer enabled devcices, and their firmware versions

The basic functionality of this simlpe application is to show your vehicle angles while off-roading using the Nokia N95 accelerometer. Just Fix your mobile phone in a secure cradle and then launch the app!.

To keep the backlight on, select "Light on" from options menu, as well as there is a reset option, which with you can reset the angle values to zero level