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Thread: SportyPal v1.2.3 J2ME -{ Improve Your Running and Cycling Performance}

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    SportyPal v1.2.3 J2ME -{ Improve Your Running and Cycling Performance}

    SportyPal v1.2.3 J2ME

    Improve your running and cycling performance using your mobile phone! Easily log and map your tracks and results on the web, analyze afterwards or share with your friends.

    SportyPal is an easy to use intuitive application for your mobile device. You activate it when you start your running, cycling, walking, rollerblading or similar exercise. In two simple clicks it will start to log and map your position, movement, distance, tempo and calories burned. It will not affect normal operation of your mobile phone, so you can still listen to music, receive and initiate calls and messages.

    When you finish exercising, the collected performance information will be stored on your mobile. Later you can review it, compare it with other exercises or check your best performance achievements. SportyPal will present each exercise in a map view, draw elegant graphics charts of your performance or present summarized information. SportyPal is intuitively designed to assist you improve your performance in running, cycling, blading, walking, skiing or other workouts involving similar activities.

    The real brilliance of SportyPal comes with the web integration You have a possibility to upload your workouts on the internet with a simple click of a button on your mobile phone. Registering to SportyPal web application will enable you to have instant access to your workouts performance and maps from anywhere. The web application provides additional functionality for analysis of your fitness workouts. You can also share your exercises with your friends, comment on their performance or organize virtual competitions.

    SportyPal will create a new excitement in your healthy sporty life.


    ? Fixed overlapping date text on Workout list, Records and Records list screens.
    ? Fixed the issue of the main screen appearing instead of the last active screen when resuming SportyPal.
    ? Fixed the wrong distance and speed (miles / mph) reported on the websitewhile using Imperial system.
    ? Fixed some rare cases where wrong workout start time was reported on the website
    ? The workout list?s sort menu is now accessible on touchscreen phones.


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    Re: SportyPal v1.2.3 J2ME -{ Improve Your Running and Cycling Performance}

    Hi doc, Rputation + added

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