On bliin, users can locate and follow friends on a map in real-time, upload media: "Shares" - photos, videos, audio and text to Google Maps or other mapping services. Shares are geo-tagged to the location of capture. Using your mobile phone or desktop PC, you can navigate areas around you in search of friends, family members, colleagues or other users: view their location Shares, and third party location content. Goto bliin.com on your computer, or m.bliin.com on your handset to get you started now.

J2ME with internal GPS download: bliinGPSXS-ig.jar
J2ME with external bt GPS download: bliinGPSXS-xg.jar
PocketPC 2002 (Touchscreen)
WindowsMobile 5 Professional (Touchscreen)
WindowsMobile 6 Professional (Touchscreen)
SmartPhone 2002 (no Touchscreen)
WindowsMobile 5 Standard (no Touchscreen)
WindowsMobile 5 Standard (no Touchscreen)

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