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Thread: Nightstand Weather Clock 2.12 iPhone iPad and iPod touch - AD

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    Nightstand Weather Clock 2.12 iPhone iPad and iPod touch - AD

    Nightstand Weather Clock with Music Alarms and White Noise Sleep Timer ? A Highly Customizable Alarm Clock 2.12 iPhone iPad and iPod touch - AD

    Nightstand Weather Clock turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a beautiful and highly customizable alarm clock. Wake up to your favorite tunes, fall asleep to any audio book, podcast, or relaxing sounds, and view the current weather conditions before you even leave your bed. Replace your boring, old alarm clock with one that stands out.

    ★Apple Staff Favorite

    Nightstand makes a fantastic bedside alarm clock, but it does a lot more, as well. Easily configure it to rotate the pictures in one of your photo albums, set it on your desk, and use it as a picture frame with heads-up time and weather. It's the perfect use for an old iPhone or iPod touch that doesn't see as much use anymore, as well!

    Place it on your bedside table and wake up to your own music! You can easily turn down the brightness on the screen by sliding your finger up or down, and even shake your iPhone or iPod touch to show a convenient flashlight. Shake again to go back to the clock screen, turning off the flashlight.

    Having trouble falling asleep? Set Nightstand's sleep timer, and you can listen to your favorite music, podcasts, audio books, or relaxing sounds. After a set time interval, Nightstand will automatically pause playback, hopefully by which time you will be sleeping soundly.

    Completely reliable and incredibly easy to configure, Nightstand Weather Clock just works the way you want it to. Customize it to your heart's content with your own photo wallpapers, and even move the clock display HUD around if it's in the way of one of your friends' faces!


    ★ Clock and weather ★
    -Both Landscape and Portrait Orientation support. Just rotate your iPhone or iPod touch, and Nightstand will automatically adjust.
    -Customizable auto-lock time. If your device is running on battery, you can set it to sleep earlier than if it is plugged in.
    -Adjustable brightness: Slide your finger up or down to change.
    -12 or 24 hour time format
    -Show or hide seconds
    -Current weather conditions, updated however often you'd like, for almost anywhere in the world.

    ★ Multiple alarms ★
    -Wake up to your own song / playlist, one of ten built in alarm sounds, or even a podcast or audio book
    -Support for multiple alarms - wake up at different times on different days.
    -Adjustable snooze time for each alarm
    -Silent alarm option - To enable, just set the volume for any alarm to its lowest level (mute).
    -Repeat certain alarms whenever you want: pick the days that you want your alarm to automatically sound on.
    -Adjustable alarm volume and silent option
    -Set your iPhone to vibrate during an alarm, either with sound or only vibration
    -Gradually fade in alarm volume if you want for a more gentle effect.
    -Alarm works even if device is sleeping! (of course, like all app store apps, it must be open to work)

    ★ Unique Sleep Timer ★
    Fall asleep to your favorite music, relaxing sounds, podcasts and audio books, and Nightstand Weather Clock will automatically pause the playback after the time interval that you've set. If you have any alarms set for the next day, not to worry, they'll still go off right on schedule.

    ★ Wallpaper and display ★
    -Multiple wallpaper support: If you?d like, select more than one photo to use as wallpaper, and let Nightstand automatically cycle through them however often you choose.
    -Choose from 12 gorgeous included wallpapers, or select one of your own photos to use.
    -Easily change the position of the clock and weather widgets.
    -Shake to show a flashlight, and shake again to hide it.
    -Choose from several different included themes to suit your taste

    Try Nightstand Weather Clock today, and don't be surprised if it's the best alarm / desk clock that you've ever had the pleasure to use!

    If you want to try before you buy, also check out Nightstand Weather Clock Free Version.

    Keywords: alarm clock, free, lite, weather, photos, wallpaper, nightstand, night, stand
    What's new

    -Users can now edit saved alarm playlists. Reorder, delete, and add new songs individually, or simply delete an entire playlist
    -You can now shake your device to snooze the currently sounding alarm
    -Launching app no longer stops music playback!
    -Fixed bug which caused only background to be dimmed, and not clock widget
    -Fixed bug that caused the wrong time to be displayed on the Next Alarm indicator
    -Fixed some users' problems with the weather forecast view, accessible by touching the weather image on the main clock screen
    -Improved battery life, especially if the device is asleep (with the app left running)
    -Snooze and Stop alarm buttons now look nicer
    -Shake detection is now less sensitive
    -Miscellaneous improvements

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    Re: Nightstand Weather Clock 2.12 iPhone iPad and iPod touch - AD

    Love this app man. Thanks

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