Beast Flyers! 1.1 iPhone iPad and iPod touch

Take part in an exciting aerial adventure! Beast Flyers! is an action platformer that will have you fighting mythical beasts in the sky. Cling onto and control flying creatures using your magical energy rope! Play through a variety of missions including collecting magical sky crystals, avoiding dangerous obstacles like exploding rocks and lava spewing volcanoes. Experience different weather conditions like snow, rain and wind. Fend off vicious critters like sonar bats, winter owls and poisonous pterodactyls! Challenge giant beasts in epic boss battles! These include the phoenix of the flames and the lightning wyrm.

What's new

- Added Virtual DPad controller, character movement done via dragging on virtual DPad

- Added ability to shoot in any direction but tapping in the direction you want to shoot

- Weapon button taps now select the weapon as opposed to shooting the weapon

- Updated tutorial screen

- Fixed owl level bug

- Updated lightning damage

- Updated level timeout duration