SecEMS is the most marvelous andeffective software which focus onencrypting/decrypting message,sending/receiving message,filtering the spam SMS based onkey words, protecting and hidingVIP message...and much more.
Secret cell phone are running on smartphones at a powerful message management and privacy protection software. It can be encrypted to hidethe message, encrypted transmission,mobile phone anti-theft tracking,hazardous litter message andmessage filtering, VIP People automatically hidden message, the contents of a letter from the customshow, remote control handset,innovative letter V message platformto share good and innovative PTOQmodel, MSN style chat system, super-mass-function, time / cycle / mass /flash the letter and so on to provideyou with comprehensive professionalservices rich. Beautiful interface andcomprehensive features a powerful, fully replace the original mobile phonemarket all the procedures andmessage encryption messagemanagement software, you can alsosend a computer message on Edit.Moreover, the secret cell phone isfree of charge!Nokia mobile phone because of thelimited storage space, try to installon the memory card (if installed on acell phone store, you can regularlyback up the database.

Software initialization
1. The first time, click to runsoftware, there will be a "welcome"prompt box, click OK after enteringthe welcome page

2. Click Next after entering thepassword management interface,click Change Password set anadministrator password. (Please besure to keep in mind you set yourpassword). Administrator passwordand detailed features please see the"password management and userights."

3. After the success of your passwordsettings, an overview of the page toenter the function, all the way clickon the "Next" to complete the page.Click Finish, to enter the Inbox.Communication encryption usingpowerful algorithms to internationalstandards AES128-bit encryption tosend information to allow absolutesecurity. (Both sides are installed mobile phone secret Use
1. To send encrypted information, thepreparation of text and click thetoolbar button or menu encryption "encryption / decryption," cansuccessfully enter the passwordencryption.
2. Decrypt information: encryptedinformation received, the access tothe information interface click on thetoolbar button to decrypt, enter thepassword to decrypt a success.
3. Set up a key VIP friends, send andreceive encrypted information arenot to enter a password, you candirectly click encryption anddecryption.

Passwords, access and use ofpassword management, powers secret is the use of high-level, youcan set up different password toaccess different file permissions sothat your information 100% safe.Manager:
1. Administrators have the highestauthority, you can use the fullfunctionality. Administrators can logon to VIP management, passwordmanagement, PTOQ options, custommailbox set up for permissions.
2. The administrator can access theprivacy of mail, a close friend of VIPto view and manage messages.
3. To enter the custom-mail settings,click on the "menu" select "Settingsspecified mailbox permissions" toenter the settings page you can setcustom mailbox access, the needs ofdifferent permissions to access theidentity of the corresponding.

1. Visitors than administratorpermissions, you can managepasswords for visitors, but can notaccess administrator rightsdocuments.
2. Visitors can access the mailboxpermissions visitors, and managemessages inside.
Note: You can set the password toopen a secret envoy to check, sothat when entering the secret mustenter an administrator password orvisitors to enter the secret passwordand enter the password after thevisitors can not access theadministrator privileges of documentsand settings. Ensure that yourinformation security.Users: the minimum permissions.Administrators and visitors are notlanded, the management functionscan not be achieved, and theremaining functions can be normaloperation.

VIP friend:
VIP friend function is important foryour contact information and privacyfunctions to create, you can set up aclose friend of VIP numbers so thatyou and a close friend to thecommunication to a trace without atrace.
1. After entering the secret registryadministrator, in the "Tools menu"select "VIP Management" VIP accessto management functions.
2. Can choose to open or close the VIPfunction.
3. Click on the default settings, closefriend to the SMS on the VIP savepath prompt a letter from the wayof a letter from the number ofcamouflage, as well as tips to managering tones and vibrations.
4. Click to add numbers can havethree kinds of ways to add a closefriend VIP number; also have theoption to edit and delete numbernumber to VIP number to manage aclose friend.
5. Select VIP close friend set keys,you can set up a close friend VIP keyencrypted messages sentautomatically encrypted informationor to receive their checkautomatically declassified.(Encryption and decryption ofinformation in detail please see thecommunication encryption functionintroduced) click on the key check to help.Use
1. Open VIP and settings, a closefriend to receive VIP information sentwill be set up in accordance with yourprompt manner.
2. VIP close friend of the informationautomatically into the specifiedmailbox.

Secret PTOQ function is real-time PCsoftware will be the introduction ofthe innovative combination of mobilephone text messages, so that youare familiar with the interface to themessage in the chat. With PTOQ Fetion, SMS, QQ, bubble, such as textmessaging instant messagingsoftware to chat in real time.After entering the secret use of thetools menu select PtoQ chat, enterthe contact interface PtoQ.Click on Contact page to enter thedialogue, click on "Fast Chat", theremay be able to enter a dialogue box.

The use of spam filters
1. Emissary after the main interfacein the Tools menu select "junk filter"and enter "spam filter" settingsinterface.
2. Intelligent spam filtering engineswitch to open the default state (strongly recommended that you open, to ensure that harassment is notspam).
3. Blacklist filtering: You can add ablacklist of numbers, and open theinterception. From interrupt.
4. Set up a successful, click OK to exit.

Import and export:
Using the import,export feature, you can preserveimportant information, to ensurethat no loss; also can be saved astext files to facilitate thepreservation of the computer to viewor print.Use
1. SMS from the system library (bringtheir own cell phone text messagingsystem) to import, you can mail inthe different systems into a unifiedcontent directory. First select asystem to import mailboxes, andinside information content, selectedand then select the purpose ofimport-mail can be successfullyimported.
2. Access "Import Export" otherfunctions, the administrator must belogged. Do not log on and visitors cannot visit, to ensure the safety ofshort message.
3. From the database file intofunctions: registry administrator,select the file to import, select thepurpose of confirmation mail, you cansuccessfully import from it.
4. Export functions: registryadministrator, select the Export-mail,enter the location after save, theselected mailbox successfully saved tothe specified location.
5. Backup and restore feature: Clickon the backup database (or restorethe database), choose to save thelocation (or database file) todetermine the success of the backupafter.

System Settings
1. Edit option and delete the messagefont size for the complete removal ofgarbage or into the mailbox
2. Send SMS service center option setnumber, message signatures, sendthe report, send text messages andkeep a nickname to replace the smartmass function (mass replacementsmart nickname: mass of information,editors need to contact a shortinterest position in the input "@name @" characters will be sentautomatically to replace the recipient's name for you.)
3. Letter to remind the voiceprompted a letter from the set,vibration prompt pop-up window toremind.

The latest version of SecEMS
Key function:
1. Filter spam SMS
2. Protect and hide VIP SMS
3. Reply and forwardautomatically
4. PTOQ chat model

Registration is my case, I selected "register via web" and then the access point...
when it instantaeously displayed a serial number and registered itself.