GI Joyride 1.83 iPhone and iPod touch

War is hell so it's time for some shore leave! Don't stop for anything as you blaze through enemy territory in your souped-up APC (Armoured Personel Carrier). Nothing and nobody will stand in your way to have a good time! Our dynamic level generation technology ensures a completely new experience every time you play!


- Awesome graphics in a cool WWII setting
- Realistic physics create a unique challenge
- Performance based story endings
- Endless replay. A new course each time you play
- Add style to your run with stunts and combos
- Keep track of your best records and know when you beat them
- Day and night cycles the further you get


- Touch the right side of the screen for throttle
- Touch the left side of the screen for brake
- Tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch downwards to shift weight forward or back

What's new in Version 1.83
Fixed Facebook connect!
Various bug fixes
More awesome