Light Speed 4.2

How Long can you keep the stars alive for?

A distant Black Hole is sucking the life from the stars. It is up to you to keep the stars alive for as long as possible.

Simple? Yes!
Easy? Why not give it a try!

**** Includes ****

3 difficulty levels

Infinite game time, the game continues for as long as you can last!

The game saves your best times for each difficulty.

**** How to play ****

Remember which stars are lit.

When the stars go out, touch the stars which had been lit to relight them.

Be quick, as if the music starts before you have relit the stars, its game over.

Touch a wrong star and you will lose a live. Three wrong stars and its game over.

What's new in Version 4.2
loading screen image included.

Quicker loading between stages