Psiloc Crystal Hebrew Localization is a well known application that enables users to powerfully explore their Smartphones in their native language - Hebrew. The user will be able to view and edit all the files, messages, editable applications and folders making their mobile more personal. Moreover, the user friendly interface lets them impact the size of their fonts (the font size changing range is between 70% -130%) without having to buy one of Psiloc's best selling applications Font Magnifier.

Note: Remember to disable Crystal Localization and then power off your device before UPGRADING or UNINSTALLING application or DRM Common Solutions.

Here are some key features of "Psiloc Crystal Hebrew (S60 3rd Edition)":

? Ability to receive and send messages and e-mails in your native language
? Ability to make notes, calendar entries and use documents & sheets in your native language
? Ability to browse the web in your native language
? Ability to create and manage your contacts in your native language
? Ability to magnify or decrease all fonts on your Smartphone

What's New in This Release:
? Quality improvements in DRM Common Solutions