DHR BandSwitch v2.9 Incl Keygen-Tyra

The only product in the market to manage phone band (2g/3g) in HTC phones. Compatible with HTC Universal, HTC TYNT, HTC TRINITY, HTC ATHENA, HTC KAISER, HTC TOUCH CRUISE

[LEFT]Take control of your connections:
? Enable and disable connections. Disabling connections makes impossible to use them so you know they wont generate traffic data.
? Stablish and close connections.
? Set a time frame where connections wont be allowed (ie, when you are sleeping) saving money and battery.
? Turn off/on Bluetooth and Wifi with or without time limit. When the limit expires then It is set to off state
? Switch between 2G/3G/auto modes
? There are discounts for companies. With enterprise license It isn't necessary to enter manually the code. It makes easier automatic deployments with other enterprises tools

20010-04-20 (v2.9)
1)The combo box that stores the model keeps the value when the program is restarted.
2) Fixed problems with owner names starting/ending with spaces.
3) other minor bugs


Keygen ONLY: http://www.ziddu.com/download/11071353/BSKG.exe.html