IMON LOD 1.0 iPhone and iPod touch

IMON is a GAME where raise Monsters that are cute and lovely. These Monsters call IMON that are 111 types. The IMONs come to be strong by hunting and training. Raise IMON and try to compete with friends together. You are a possibility becoming IMONs Master. IMONs wait you!

Game features

111 types IMON.
IMON has 8 Rank.
Each Rank has an egg and IMON is born from it.
There are 8 type hunting grounds.
There are two mini games.
There are 18 type IMON quality skills.
There is IMON of legend.
Direct hunting with Turn-Based Strategy.
Raises IMON and evolves and more strongly becomes.
When trains IMON, The new ability happens.
There are portion of the various types which will assist IMON.
Purchases the lottery ticket and get the portion and egg which are difficult to getting.
Each IMON has a different growth pattern.
IMON experiences will be able to move other IMON.
Will be able to collect IMON in the picture book.
Uses Bluetooth and will be able to compete with other User.
Open Sale.