The Squadron 1.0

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****Big Update Coming Soon****
Universal build coming soon! Upcoming update will allow you to play "The Squadron" on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Also adding a new map and new units, and the ability to destroy the anti-air guns ...Stay Tuned to for images, video and more.

"After extensive excavation of the device, we are still uncertain of its initial purpose and construction. Dig team has stated that although it looks to be Aztec in construction, the device pre-dates ancient American civilizations by several thousand years at least. It remains to be determined who or what could have built such a device.

One thing the team is certain of is that radiation readings in the lower levels are off the charts. Axis commanders, and their occult scientists are mounting an offensive to infiltrate and capture the device. They must be stopped at all costs. POTENTIAL GLOBAL CATASTROPHE. PROTECT THE DEVICE AT ALL COSTS!"


In ?The Squadron? you control an elite World War II defensive force. Use your finger to trace the routes of your airplanes as they destroy enemy raiders on the ground! Prevent the axis fighters from invading ?The Device? or the world will come to a mysterious end! Keep as many planes as you can in the air and watch out for the anti-aircraft guns on the ground!