iSink U iPad Edition 1.0

Now available for the iPad and iPhone!

The game was featured in ?NEW & NOTEWORTHY? and ?WHAT WE'RE PLAYING? (2009)


?iSink U Is The Best Looking Battleship Game You'll Find For Your iPad? - Gizmodo

?Complete with decent animations and great graphics, this is the best ship battle experience that one can buy for the iPhone.? - AppVee

- ?It?s similar enough to the original Battleship to evoke nostalgia, yet updated and enhanced enough to warrant playing on your iDevice.? - TouchMyApps

- ?Artificial Life has built its battle ship world around an impressive 3D engine?The AppSmile team has fallen in love with the game.? - AppSmile

- ?The soundtrack is very military! You are welcomed to the main menu with a marching drumbeat, and during the game, you get a different type of music to spur you on during your battle.? - APPMODO

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Artificial Life presents iSink U - a new approach to the classic naval strategy game. Command a squadron of well-equipped and ready-to-destroy aquatic machines with an arsenal of weapons, and even more ammo! Strategically take turns attacking your enemy because that?s the way true captains of the sea do battle! Victoriously cry out ?iSink U? when you destroy the enemy fleet in battle! Bombs away!

Game Features:

- Command a squadron of 4 boats and 1 submarine in exciting battles that won?t end until Poseidon himself surrenders the sea to your might!

- A new attack system factors skill into this classic game by introducing decisions based on action points

- In each round choose to move a ship, fire a primary weapon, or unleash the latest breakthrough in naval technology

- Unique battle experience offered by the multi-touch function creates a user-friendly setting for you to zoom in, zoom out, and pan across the screen

- Strategically command a battalion of advanced fighter ships including the Cruiser, the Battleship, and more

- Commence sea assault on your friends using the Head 2 Head Mode

- Claim victory in all levels to unlock a hidden map

- Earn three prestigious medals and prove your superiority as a sea commander!