Shot Shot Shoot 1.0 iPad

"Shot Shot Shoot is the first truly great game for the iPad. Essential."? Frank Lantz, area/code inc, designer of Drop7

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Have you been waiting for a game that is catering to the iPad's unique strengths as a beautiful social gaming platform of the future?
 Wait no more! Shot Shot Shoot represents a new way of playing games with your friends, combining the magic of computers with the special interactions made possible by board games.

The goal of the game is simple: destroy the five squares on the opponent's side of the board. Maneuver single shots with high precision or overwhelm the other player with massive attack waves ? a mixture of fast-paced gameplay and deep strategy that everyone seems to love.


‣ A digital board game in real-time for 2 players
‣ Two computer controlled opponents (easy and hard) to exercise your skill against
‣ Short but intense matches, perfect for impromptu tournaments among friends
‣ Super easy to learn (includes a quick and efficient tutorial)
‣ Minimalistic and highly stylized graphics optimized for clarity in hectic moments


Erik Sved?ng won the Independent Game Festival Grand Prize 2009 with his game "Blueberry Garden". In 2010 he and Niklas ?kerblad released the space exploration game "Kometen" for iPhone and iPad.