SatCE 1.50
Requirements: WM2002 - WM6.1
Overview: SatCE is a satellite tracking program.

The map shows satellites positions (selected satellites have different drawings), the visibility area (green line) for selected satellite and the satellite path (the blue color of the path indicates eclipsed satellites and yelow not one). Additionally in this mode the program shows position of the sun, the moon and day/night line. The observer position is indicated by red circle. The selected satellite is surrounded by red dots. The map is downloaded from file (skins directory). This allows to create your own earth maps for day and night.

The sky view shows satellites(selected satellites have different bitmaps), selected satellite coming(yellow) and past(grey) path, position of the moon and the sun. When sun is below horisont its azymuth is presented by yelow square on the bigest circle. Stars until 5 magnitude (around 1700 stars) with constellations graphs. All directions are described. The selected satellite is surrounded by red dots. The screen can be rotated with LEFT/RIGHT buttons. The position of stars and satellites is calculated every second (with stars until 4th magnitude). The picture on the right shows calculated GPS satellites together with positions of GPS satellites obtained from GPS receiver. The GPS signal is represented by blue bars. The sky mode can be rotated according to the compas from GPS(you have to walk for a moment). The view can be change from mirror image(like reflection from the water) to the direct sky(like thought umbrella). The Iridium flare is represented by line (red or yelow depending on the intensity)on the path of satellite with small text information right top corner). The eclipset path is represented by blue line.

The space mode shows satellites(on left), moon, sun and planets(on right) in 3D space. You can freely rotate the scene in all directions with the stick. Also you can zoom in and zoom out the scene with LEFT/RIGHT buttons. The selected satellite is in color together with its trajectory. The location of the observer on the earth is indicated by yellow dot. Positions of all satellites and the observer(rotation of the earth) are calculated every second.

In the text mode the program shows important numbers. The satellite can be changed from menu bar (the number indicates the satellite from tle file) and with buttons (UP/DOWN). The observer position can be entered from menu bar (lon(E) deg, lat(N) deg, alt km)or when GPS tracking is selected, directly from GPS.

Predict dialog allows to predict selected satellite passes and Iridium flares. With the "only vissible passes" option in Settings dialog the program will predict only vissible satellites in Predict dialog. In this case also the expected magnitude can be sellected (Settings dialog). Selected satellite from the list will be an active satellite. The time will be paused for selected pass.

SatCE 1.50
-Solved problem with registry settings
-Corrected serious bug in SDP8
-corected calculations for downlink and uplink
-some skaling isues solved

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