Tris Match
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Price: $2.99
Size: 30.0 MB

"Tetr*s killer", period.

Addictive, fun, challenging. See what other players say about Tris Match and know you'll love this game.

Enjoy classic match three game, play a Time
Attack game, survive in Endless mode, battle the computer in your phone, or relax in the Time Killer game. Clear many blocks at once and become a superman?Slide, permutate and drop into the old classic!

Submit your score to global leader board, you could also do IM with your friends.


"It only takes a minute to learn to play - but the addictive game keeps me playing for hours."

"Having survived high school math by playing games on my graphing calculator, I wish this twist on the old classic was available then. Very awesome app!"

"It only takes a minute to learn to play - but the addictive game keeps me playing for hours."

"Fun, fast, original. It's not another Tetr*s or other similar game. Stands on it's own. Simple yet challenging game."

=== HOW TO PLAY ===
Basically you want to connect three or more blocks of the same, to capture them. There are also different modes to suite your appetite:

--- Classic Game
Capture all blinking patterns and you will enter next level

--- Time Attack
Capture as many patterns as possible in limited time, you also get bonus time for capturing patterns.

--- Endless Suvivie
Without time limit, survive as long as you can.

--- VS CPU
Play against a CPU player, "attack" each other by sending junk patterns.

--- Time Killer
There are pre-loaded blinking grids down the bottom of the game board, spend some time and try to capture them all.

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