Video Safe -No#1 for Video & Photo Privacy 1.5.2

★★★★★ The #1 Video Utility on iTunes worldwide for over a year!! Protect your Videos and Photos from prying eyes. One of the ALL-TIME best-sellers on iTunes as ranked by ★★★★★


Video Safe. 1.5 - MAJOR UPGRADE see the list of NEW features below & thanks for your patience and support.

No need to worry about people accidently stumbling across your 'special' movies or photos any more

Video Features:
✔ Creates a safe password protected storage area for all your movies and videos (including those shot with the 3GS).
✔ Works just like the standard Apple Video App AND Introduces folders to let you group videos by subject matter, name, etc.
✔ Support for importing and playing all video files converted for use on the iPhone. Usually Quicktime compatible files ending in .Mov, .MP4, .M4v *For other formats provided you can do so legally there are a variety of tools freely available to enable you to convert your videos to play on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
✔ Shoot and import video shot with the 3GS or iPhone4
✔ WEB CONNECTIVITY! Log-in via your browser/FTP on a desktop PC/Mac and transfer videos to and from the iPhone WIRELESSLY with ease! (wifi required).
✔ Includes ability to pause, resume, fforward and rewind, with icon for played/unplayed.
✔ Snoop Stopper - For those curious about the cool new app on your device, entering the wrong password takes them to a collection of safe images of your choosing.
✔ Lets you create Thumbnails for movies.
✔ Discrete Icon and app name on device (says VS).

✔NEW Full support for Retina display (iPhone 4). This enhancement also brings HD images to the iPad.
✔NEW USB Import and Export (iOS4 only!). Handled very easily through iTunes File Sharing (leaves no trace of what was imported/exported). *See instructions at bottom of page.
✔NEW Full TV Out (iPhone 4 and iPad)
✔NEW HD Video import including multi quick selection (iOS 4)
✔NEW Automatic thumbnail generation for movies (iOS 4)
✔NEW Rotation support for movies (iOS 4)
✔NEW Multiple export back to the devices camera roll (iOS 4)
✔NEW keypad theme - Calculator - with extra long PIN CODE

++ PLUS you get all the goodness that is the No#1 Best-selling Privacy App "Picture Safe". A 2 for 1 deal that no other App comes close to matching!

Photo Features:
✔ Creates a Password Protected storage area for ANY image from your Camera, Photo Album, or the Net.
✔ Wireless/USB import/export and viewing on Mac/PC.
✔ Familiar Interface - Just like the inbuilt Photo Application but with the addition of security.
✔ Finally create folders for better organising of images!
✔ Slideshow with adjustable settings.
✔ Multitouch Control - Zoom, Swipe, Rotate.
✔ Unique 'Snoop-Stopper' takes prying eyes to a dummy app with 'safe' images.
✔ Quick Hide - With a double Tap action you can quickly replace the onscreen display with a fake spreadsheet or 'safe' image of your choosing.
✔ FULL Resolution export to PC/Mac.
✔ Copy, Paste and Email support.
✔ Password Reminder.


Note1: USB Transfer. (iOS4 required).
1. Connect iPhone to USB Cable, open iTunes(v9.2.1), go to the Apps tab that shows apps for syncing.
2. There you will see a new 'File Sharing' section including an icon for VideoSafe. Click on the icon for VS.
3. Drag files or use the ADD button to select the images/videos you wish to transfer to your device.
4. Then in Video Safe go to Settings, USB Import and import pictures or Video. It's that easy

Note2: Developers cannot auto move/delete movies stored in the standard video app (you can safely delete manually and can use Video Safe to import files from your PC/Mac via wifi or USB.

Note3: Your privacy is paramount to us! When transferring files are only ever moving between your device and desktop. We do not access or store them!

Your Servants, Collect3.
What's new in Version 1.5.2
Fixes black screen issue some users experienced when upgrading.

Thanks everyone for your patience. 1.5 added a swag of new features including support for ultra high resolution images and iPhone4 Video, and saw the return of USB transfer making Video Safe better than ever.

Please please take sec and write a quick review as recent changes to iTunes mean old reviews no longer show up after an update - and it's only with your help that we can ensure we can afford to keep making free updates.

★★★★★ Coming Soon ★★★★★

'Picture Safe' and 'Video Safe' have been downloaded and enjoyed by millions! Now we are delighted to announce the first and last word in next-gen privacy apps...


- Play ANY video on your desktop computer directly on your iPhone and IPAD wirelessly.
- Gorgeous new media centre UI
- A UNIVERSAL App for iPhone and iPad
- Password Protection and restricted access for multiple users/age groups
- Access your content remotely via wifi AND 3G
- Finally, not only streams content but ALSO converts it AND allows you to import directly to your device wirelessly.

★★★★★ Exclusive Announcement: All this Video Stream goodness is coming VERY soon, and as a bonus for our existing users we will be announcing a very special one day sale!

Email [email protected] and you will be among the first to be advised of the details.