Best Safe is a reliable and secure manager and organizer for your private data. You can store your passwords, credit cards and banking information, login information and other your data in one place and keep it with you always.

Best Safe interface is very easy to use. You can create cards and quick notes, arrange them into folders, organize and find them easily at any time.

When you keep your most important information in one place, it has to be protected seriously. Best Safe employs BlowFish encryption and MD5 message digest algorithms. No back doors - no person can open and see your data without specifying the correct password.

Additionally, export/import feature allows to back up your data or transfer it to PC and view it in readable form.

Features include:

* Organize cards by folders
* Intelligent search function
* 45+ templates for your data
* BlowFish encryption and MD5 message digest algorithms
* No back doors or escrow keys - be careful not to forget your password
* Automatic application lock (on inactivity)
* Export/import cards to text based file