Melon Easy Reject v1.10.192 S60v3 v5 S^3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Cracked-Turkish By CepTeaM

Keep off unwanted callers!

Easy Reject is an easy, yet powerful, tool for filtering incoming phone calls and text messages.

Easy Reject blocks incoming calls with a busy tone. Short messages are filtered with no sound or light indication and can be viewed in a separate message log in the Easy Reject interface.

How it works
To block certain contacts, you just need to import them in the application. If later you wish to stop rejecting their calls / messages, simply delete them from the application menu. You can import contacts from the phonebook, phone log and manually. Hidden callers can also be blocked.

Easy Reject keeps a log of all rejected calls and messages. Details of each rejected event can be viewed on a separate screen; blocked messages can be read and restored.

Easy Reject will always be on unless you ?Exit? it from ?Options? -> ?Exit.?

Why do you need Easy Reject?

  • Keep a person off your mobile life ? Easy Reject will filter both calls and messages from this contact
  • Not be disturbed by low-priority calls - you may wish not to pick up calls from a specific contact at a particular moment but not seem impolite by leaving the phone ringing
  • Block callers whose numbers cannot be retrieved
  • Protect from call & SMS SPAM if you receive a lot of advertisement calls and/or junk SMS
  • Keep your SMS communication private - messages will be filtered with no sound or light indication. However, note that calls from this person will be rejected as well

Easy Reject competitive features:

  • Indicator on your phone?s status bar showing when the application is active
  • Auto-start mode
  • Blocked messages can be easily viewed and restored
  • Various contact import options - import from phonebook, from phone log and manual import
  • Full reject-entry log with a detail screen for each reject entry.

Whats New :

  • Full support for Symbian^3 devices (Nokia N8, E7, C7, etc)

Easy Reject (ER), gelen telefon aramalarını ve SMS mesajlarını engellemenize yarayan guzel bir uygulama. Bu uygulama ile istediginiz numaraları engelleyebilirsiniz... Engelledikten sonra o numara sizi aradıgında mesgul tonu ile karsılasır, siz programdan kimin aradıgını ayrıntılı bir sekilde gorebilirsiniz... Ayrıca aynı sekilde sms mesajlarını da engelleyebilir, engellediginiz numaradan sms mesajları almazsınız...

Easy Reject'in ?zellikleri:

* ER (Easy Reject) etkin olduğunda, telefonunuzun durum ?ubuğunda bir g?sterge ile belirtilme
* Otomatik başlangı? modu
Engellenen mesajları sessiz bir şekilde ışıklı uyarı yaparak filtreler ve ayrı bir birimde mesaj g?r?lebilir.
* Engellenmiş mesajları kolayca g?r?nt?leyebilme ve d?zenleyebilme
* ?eşitli kişi aktarma se?enekleri - Telefon işlem kaydından aktarım, rehberden aktarım, el ile giriş
* Her bir engellenen girişi detaylı bir giriş ekranı ile g?rebilme

Neler yeni?

* Symbian ^ 3 cihazlar i?in tam destek (Nokia N8, E7, C7, vb).