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Thread: The best video converter for any phone & for any screen resolution

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    The best video converter for any phone & for any screen resolution

    U can convert videos & movies for any phone or portable devices & for any screen resolution based on your custom settings u make

    here i took Nokia 5800 for the demonstration
    if u want to convert for any S60v3 edition mobiles just apply 240x320 in place of 360x640 in the following steps

    Convert Movies and Videos for your Nokia 5800

    Using the Super Video Converter and the right settings, you’ll have the best movies and videos for your Nokia 5800.

    The Nokia 5800 is not just for music but is also one of the best mobile phones to watch videos and movies because of its large display size (640?360).

    The Nokia 5800 in Batman – The Dark Knight Movie

    Super Video Converter

    We’ll be using Super Video Converter to convert videos and movies.Super Video Converter is one of the best free converters available today. It supports multiple video formats (even unpopular ones) and is very flexible.

    We’ve been using Super Video Converter for quite some time now as it supports multiple video formats and its conversion options are very flexible. You can convert from almost any kind video format, and then convert it to another format with a different aspect ratio, video bitrate, aspect size, etc. Once you’ve downloaded and installed Super (and know how to use it), use the conversion settings below to convert your video or movie for the Nokia 5800.

    Download here

    Just follow the settings indicated or shown below:

    Output File: mp4
    Output Video Codec: mpeg-4
    Output Audio Codec: AAC LC

    Video General Options: Both unchecked
    Video Scale Size: 640?360
    Video Aspect: 16:9
    Video Frame/Sec: 25
    Video Bitrate: 816
    Video Other Options: “High Quality” and “48k Audio” are checked

    Audio General Options: Both unchecked
    Audio Sampling Frequency: 44100
    Audio Channels: 2
    Audio Bitrate: 112
    DVD Language Select: default

    Note: Based from the preloaded video (Batman – The Dark Knight) in the Nokia 5800, it can handle 2,121 kbps of Video Bitrate and 30 frames/sec. Being a music phone, I’m sure it can handle more than 112kbps of Audio Bitrate as well.

    So if the source video file or the video you want to convert has a higher Video Bitrate and higher frames per second, you can adjust the settings so you could have a better quality video. The same goes for the audio.

    There you have it! I hope I have helped you convert videos or movies for your Nokia 5800 & even other phones & portable devices like PSP or any video players, u just need to apply the appropriate resolutions of the particular device as shown in above pictures..........

    Download here

    Please comment on the video quality & clarity which u've converted using this converters
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    Re: The best video converter for any phone & for any screen resolution

    File Not Found!

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    Re: The best video converter for any phone & for any screen resolution

    Try this converter
    Guys Don't Just Download. To Help Other Members Please Post One Comment Working Or Not [Details About That Problem]. Remember We Are Community We Meet Here To Share Our Mobile Related Knowledge Thanks.

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