Magic Message Manager 1.1 UIQ3 Full with Autostart Function
(keeps the 'Enabled' Setting After Restart)

Changes made to enable Autostart:
- added the required Capabilities
- edited AST content

-First Install the MMM V1.1 Cracked.sis in your phone'
-Reboot the phone'
-After reboot go to Magic Message Manager and click "More" and check its "Preference"
-Make sure that it is set to "Enable" if not then SET IT.
-Then Install Magic Message Manager AutoStart Enabled Switch.sis
-Click yes to all of the options'
**Note: You will be notified that the previous version will be updated (Just Click Yes/Upgrade! This is where the patch comes in)
-After installation reboot your phone
-After reboot access Magic Message Auto Start Switch
-Make sure that it is set to ON
-Open MMM V1.1 check if setting / preference is already set to "Enable" if yes then it did work perfectly in your phone'

Some Bugs and Fixes
**Once setup is already completed and set correctly you will notice that MMM Application will automatically start and bring its main page once you restart your phone and set the switch to "ON" (I Know this is very annoying due to that it should run in the background)

Here's the fix:
Open MMM App. check if preference is set to "Enable" if yes then Open MMM Autostart Switch and set the "Switch to = OFF" close Autostart Switch and Reboot your phone' after reboot you will notice that MMM V1.1 main console will not occur (thinking if it is set to "Enable" ) the answer is YES! You can check it under preference and you will be notice that it is already set to "Enable" or you can simply wait for a text message.
This setting will be saved upon letting the Patch upgrade the full version thats why I uploaded 2 Files' Just make sure to install the full trial and then install the autostart switch and let it upgrade' In this way we are tricking the apps to run like a full version with the help of a very useful patch created by oldjoe.

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