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Do you want to win a REAL prize in a simple game? Do you want to improve your strategy thinking and take award for it? Crash Balls will give you a chance to achieve these aims - one of the most popular puzzles in the world with awesome features and abilities is here!

We will present 50 gift downloading codes for ANY of AppStore apps (which costs 4$ or less) - just win the prize game and code will be yours! 50 codes for 8$ apps wait for their owners in the iPad version of the game - "Crash Balls HD".

Main purpose of the game is to destroy balls on the chess-like game field and to earn as many points as possible for it. Tap groups of one-colored balls on the game field, destroy them and get points. The more balls are in the group, the more points you earn. There are 3 different game modes, which can be combined with each other (overall 12 combinations!).

And our main feature and UNIQUE experience in AppStore:
Special PRIZE GAME mode. In this mode iPhone will freeze some settings and allow you to win the main prize of the game - a free downloading code for ANY iPhone app in the AppStore, which costs 4$ or less - and you can choose, which one you'd like to win! To win just check your Internet connection and earn 400 points under the time limit (40 seconds). Try it just now!


*Prizes are available only to customers of U.S. and Russian Appstores. As prize may be chosen any application, available in the AppStore, which costs 4$ or less and have "Gift this App" option. NOTE, that Apple is not a sponsor of, or responsible for conducting, the promotion.


Chance to win the REAL, VALUABLE prize!
Awesome graphics and animation effects
Three modes of playing, which can be combined with each other
Choice of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 colors
Choice of 3 game themes
Two board sizes - 7x10 and 8x11
Undo option
On-screen tips option
Slow (with double tap destroying) or fast (with single tap destroying) game experience
Preview of selected groups's points (option)
Nice background music - rocks in the prize game mode and relax in any other mode
200 bonus points for clearing the board
Table of high scores of all game's modes
Chess-like game board and specially selected ball colors helps to distinguish the balls
And more, and more, and more...

Give it a try! Win the main prize!

VISIT US: crashballs-support.com

SEE OUR APPS: Crash Balls HD
What's new in Version 2.0.0
- HUNDREDS of awesome prize apps available!
- All new design
- Lot of animation added
- Lanscape mode is supported EVERYWHERE
- Game field themes added
- 2 and 3 ball colors added
- New Prizes menu to know all about prize apps
- New, rewritten Rules menu