Squirrel Goes Nuts 1.3

Squirrel Goes Nuts iPhone Game.

You are a Squirrel with a mission: to collect as many nuts as possible and grab the key nut.
The more nuts you get in one jump, the higher your score will be! On your journey through the trees, you will come across several different types of surfaces, each with their own property that affect the squirrel jumps.

Destruction and hunger are two elements you need to stop this squirrels appetit !
So lets go Nuts!

Game features:
1. simple game mode of operation.
2. Fun items to the game.
3.Open Feint features that make your scores and achievements one to compete with global players.
What's new in Version 1.3
* Reduced binary size
* Caching sound effects for better performance
* Fixed positions of gems on level 13