Towers vs. Dragons 1.01

The Shepherds of Dragons Tutorial begins with the following lines:
"To slay a dragon is a supreme feat for a noble knight, of course if he is lucky. But when there are hundreds of dragons the case should be taken by professionals who can meet a dragon not only with a sword but also with weapons of mass destruction.
Build towers. Draw ways in which dragons will be sent directly to your guns. Put the winged monsters into dragondromes and convert them to manna there. Burn with fire, freeze with the cold, make holes with arrows, smash with cannonballs - you have a rich arsenal, which will be useless without your main weapon: knowledge of strategy and tactics.
Learn fighting with dragons in detail and then you will be remembered just as are the heroes who upheld Mannasgard!?

15 episodes of the battle for Mannasgard, three modes of fighting for survival and a huge horde of unfriendly dragons, eager to test your willingness to defend the Good (or the Evil if you are evil) are waiting for you here.

Music composed by Mike Weiser (ASCAP)
What's new in Version 1.0.1
Settings screen.
Fixed bugs.