UCMobile is excellent as the Science and Technology (UC Mobile )company based handheld
devices for mobile phones,to the open source Webkit browser build high-performance core based mobile browser. UCMobile support a variety of JavaScript and CSS effects,compared to an ordinary cell phone browser,to provide more excellent results page to restore access to the nearest desktop browser-level browsing experience. So you can enjoy wireless internet access anywhere,anytime,the Internet in their pocket!

  • Feature List :
  • 1) The use of advanced data compression techniques,faster and more economical flow,and the reduction effect of the same page.

  • 2) Supports a variety of different patterns, to meet the individual needs of browsing.

  • 3) Support multi-window and full-screen browsing,the Internet is more arbitrary.

  • 4) Built-in powerful data download function, support.multi-task to download,HTTP and other functions.

  • 5) Provide professional services of personal data,such as network hard drives,web bookmarks, e-mail management services.

  • 6) Support Lossless full page zoom, the most suitable for you at any time to adjust the page display ratio.

  • 7) Full support cmwap,cmnet, WIFI Internet access,etc., are free to switch the network access methods.

  • 8) Built several beautiful themes can be chosen at random according to their preferences.

  • 9) Other functions to be you to further explore, to try might be pleasantly surprised.

Note: 1. PPC platform only supports WM6.0 or more systems,not support WM2003 and WM5.0; 3. UCMobile closed users,please uninstall the old version,then re-install this Beta and restore the default configuration,and then began to use! 4. A configuration model will work better UCMobile: Windows Mobile: CPU 500mhz or more memory on 40M or more.
PPC mobile phone (low resolution) Download(320 * 240 or less) PPC phone (high resolution)Download(320 * 240 and above)