DataMan - Real Time Data Usage Manager with Geotag Version: 2.0


DataMan monitors and manages your data usage in real time, keeping a log of your activities. To control your data consumption and stop additional charges to your bill, you can set your preferred usage thresholds and receive real time alerts when you exceed them. What's more, it geotags your data activities. So you can browse your daily activities on a map. You can even zoom in on the map to see the time and usage amount for certain places.

● Track your daily, weekly and monthly data usage for cellular and Wi-Fi. You can view your daily usage in a chart.

● Geotag your data activities and view them on a map. Very useful when you travel and roam.

● Get alerts when you exceed your usage thresholds. DataMan is a multitasking app with real time notification. You'll receive these alerts even if DataMan is closed and not in the foreground, e.g. you're using another app or your phone is locked.

● 4 levels of usage thresholds and 3 data allowances (daily, weekly and monthly) for you to customize to suit your data plan.

● Support all carriers. There's no need to login to your carrier's website. So wherever you are in the world, you can use DataMan.

● Easy setup. Set your bill start date and data allowance, and you're done. DataMan is now monitoring your usage in the background.


● DataMan can work without Location Services. However, if Location Services is off, there's no geotag.

● If you turn on Background Geotag, DataMan uses the new low-power location services offered by iOS4 to drastically reduce battery drain.

● Your privacy is protected. Location data is stored in your device. It is not transmitted nor shared with anyone.

● DataMan works with iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G.