LangSwitcher v.1.5.0 Beta S^3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned


The program is designed to loop switch input language by hotkey. By default, configured to process a long pressing the red button. All system functions assigned to it a short press, do not change and the application also will be phased out / closed.


"Appointment of a key for language switching (by scancodes);
"Setting the rules for the programs;
"Enable / disable AutoRun;
"Partial support for touch screens;
"Support all languages firmware.


- Regular changes in the rules for the programs;
- A new way to create a rule set up to intercept all the keys (yes / no), the map layout indicator (yes / no), the default language;
- To edit the existing rules;
- Import / export list of rules for the programs;
- To select an application from the list of all running, either from the list of installed;
- Choice of flag (right, left);
- Indication of the current input language, you can choose to display a check box in any application;
- L-wind drag on the sensory devaysa possible only for the upper left corner (to fix the window, so when you switch language window is not moved and worked just switch, rather than drag).